Looking for an elegant and one-of-a-kind design element? Nothing compares to the beauty and impact of a custom metallic epoxy floor coating. Metallic epoxy is a fairly new trend in concrete coatings, delivering a floor system that’s cost-effective and long-lasting yet incredibly hardworking. Not just any epoxy contractor can create an attractive metallic epoxy floor as this design effect requires specialized techniques and years of experience. When done properly, metallic epoxy has an interesting three-dimensional appearance with the illusion of movement.
Here’s what you should know about metallic epoxy flooring and the most popular applications for this fun floor option.

How Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings Work
Epoxy flooring is a liquid-applied floor system that’s installed in several layers to build up the right thickness. Because epoxy is made from multiple layers and may incorporate any number of colors and additives, it’s the perfect material for creating one-of-a-kind design effects. Epoxy can be installed with just one color with a matte or high-gloss finish or vinyl chips can be added for an epoxy flake flooring that delivers the look of granite with a skid-resistant texture. Industrial-grade epoxy can even use quartz flakes for even greater strength and vibrant color.
One of the most impressive effects that can be achieved is called metallic epoxy flooring. This design option uses tiny metallic pigments that are agitated to catch the light in unique ways.
To create a metallic effect, an epoxy contractor can use metallic pigments in various colors that are applied to the base coat of epoxy and agitated with brushes, rollers, and blowers. This causes the pigments to clump, twist, and turn. Solvents can even be used to disperse the pigments and blowers can be used to impel, ripple, or crater the metallic pigments. These effects are all used together to achieve the desired effect.

Popular Uses for Metallic Epoxy
A metallic epoxy floor coating can be a fun addition to any space. Depending on the design option and decor, it can be fun and colorful or elegant. Metallic epoxy is popular among homeowners who want to make a statement in an entryway, garage, or basement. A metallic epoxy basement floor, for example, turns an otherwise dark and subterranean space into a bright, colorful room with depth. It’s also a great choice for public areas of commercial properties. Metallic epoxy can be used in an auto showroom, restaurant, hotel lobby, upscale bar or club, hair salon, or office building lobby.
No matter where it’s installed, metallic epoxy offers the same benefits as regular 100% solids epoxy flooring. Despite its custom appearance, it’s an affordable solution that can easily last 20 years or longer while withstanding heavy abuse. Epoxy flooring can be decorative enough for even upscale properties yet strong enough for industrial environments.

Metallic Epoxy: A Unique Work of Art
A metallic epoxy floor coating is the perfect solution for any space that can benefit from a “wow” factor. It can be used to add elegance, personality, and fun to a business, garage, or basement. Because every metallic epoxy floor is unique and the design can be created with any combination of colors and techniques, it opens the door to your creativity. An experienced epoxy contractor can install a metallic floor with depth and movement to look like stained glass, smoke, marble, moon craters, molten metal, or rippling water.