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Want to update the look and function of your garage while boosting your home’s value? Garage floor epoxy is gaining in popularity throughout Austin, TX as more homeowners realize the benefits of this cost-effective and durable flooring solution. Garage floor epoxy in Austin lasts up to 15 years or longer and gives you a clean, professional-looking garage floor perfect for working on your car or your hobbies. Our garage floor epoxy contractors install only the best garage floor epoxy products for beautiful and long-lasting results.
Garage Floor Epoxy Works

How Garage Floor Epoxy Works

Garage floor epoxy isn’t paint even though you will see some types of paint that have a bit of epoxy added for extra durability. Even with some epoxy added, paint is just paint, not a flooring solution. Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that’s applied as a thick coat. Epoxy flooring is created by mixing epoxy resin with a hardener that works as a catalyst. When the two parts of the epoxy are combined, it causes a chemical reaction that makes the epoxy cure, not dry. This curing process creates a durable cross-linked polymer structure that allows the flooring to resist damage.
Why Choose
Garage Floor Epoxy in Austin, TX?
Hobbyists, home mechanics, and homeowners love epoxy garage floor paint for its durability, strength, and great look. Garage floor epoxy in Austin is an investment that transforms your garage and gives you a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution that resists most types of damage. Don’t take our word for it; here are a handful of the benefits you can enjoy with garage epoxy installation.

Our Professional Garage Floor Epoxy Process

Our Austin, TX epoxy garage floor installers have the experience, training, and tools necessary to create durable and long-lasting garage epoxy coatings. We use a three-stage strategy to ensure flawless results without cutting corners. Here’s our approach to garage floor epoxy in Austin, TX that is sure to make your garage the envy of your neighborhood.
Garage Floor Epoxy Process
Preparing The Surface

Preparing the Surface

Our epoxy garage floor installers do not cut corners; we take the time to properly prepare the surface for superior adhesion and strength for years to come. Proper preparation is the key to successful garage epoxy in Austin, TX by allowing correct adhesion of the epoxy to the concrete. Our garage floor epoxy contractors will repair cracks and other types of damage in the concrete to ensure the final result is smooth and seamless. Stains will be scrubbed, degreased, and lifted to avoid delamination of the epoxy garage floor coating.
Only when the surface is in good condition and clean will we finish with diamond grinding. Even a brand-new concrete floor is not suitable for epoxy coating because it’s too smooth. Grinding profiles the concrete to open pores for proper binding with the epoxy coating. Click here if you are looking for Carpet Cleaning Corinth TX.

Applying the Primer

In many cases, garage floor epoxy in Austin requires several coats for a long-lasting and strong coating. Primer may be the first step to bind with your concrete floor and give subsequent layers of epoxy strong adhesion to the surface. If your garage has minor moisture problems, we can use a primer that works as a moisture barrier.
Applying The Primer
Garage Flooring Coating

Garage Epoxy Coating

An epoxy base coat is the next step once the primer is installed. This base coat will be the primary color of your flooring but we can add colored chips for density, texture, and your chosen pattern. Metallic chips can also be added to garage epoxy in Austin to create a unique metallic epoxy garage floor. The last step is a clear top coat that adds depth and the characteristic glossy finish of epoxy.

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Want to transform your dusty old garage with beautiful garage floor epoxy in Austin? Not sure if it’s the right choice? Are you wondering how epoxy is really installed and what you can expect after installation? We are here to help! Here are a handful of frequently asked questions we hear from clients. If you have additional questions or concerns, please give us a call.
How will the concrete surface be prepared?
Whether you have a brand-new concrete floor in your garage or the concrete is a decade old, proper surface preparation is the key step for durable and long-lasting garage epoxy results.
Surface preparation always starts with removing oil and other stains from the surface with degreasers and a thorough cleaning. These stains must be lifted for the epoxy to adhere correctly. Cracks will be repaired and stabilized and all debris will be removed from the surface of the concrete. The next step is diamond grinding which opens millions of pores and creates a rougher surface on the concrete for the epoxy to bind.
Our installers always check for dampness or moisture problems before installing an epoxy floor. If your garage has high humidity or water coming up from the ground, epoxy may not be a good option. If we do detect problems, we can discuss moisture mitigation strategies.
How long will garage floor epoxy in Austin last?
If you know anyone who has installed a DIY garage floor epoxy kit, you may believe that epoxy flooring isn’t a long-lasting solution. While DIY kits, inexperienced installation, and poor quality epoxy products may only last a year or two, the best garage floor epoxy installed by qualified garage floor epoxy contractors can last up to 20 years. On average, a garage epoxy coating lasts around 15 years but it may last longer with proper maintenance.
The quality of the epoxy product and the experience and skill of the installers are the two most important factors influencing how long your epoxy flooring will last. Choose qualified epoxy garage floor installers to ensure a beautiful garage floor that will stand the test of time. Our installers have years of experience and we install only the best garage floor epoxy products for long-lasting results free of cracks, chips, and peeling.
How long until I can walk and drive on the garage floor epoxy?
Our epoxy garage floor installers will let you know how long your epoxy coating will need to cure fully. As a general rule, light foot traffic will be okay about 24 hours after your floor is installed, but it’s best to minimize walking on the floor for the first two days. Avoid driving on your new garage floor epoxy for the first 5 days. This will allow the epoxy to completely cure. If you drive on the epoxy before it’s ready, you can leave tire marks or worse.
Can epoxy be applied to my garage floor?
Garage epoxy can be applied to new or existing concrete and refinish a somewhat damaged concrete surface. To be a good candidate for garage epoxy coating, your floor should be in good structural condition with minimal damage. We can repair cracks and lift stains, but water is the biggest concern. Moisture problems can be a barrier to long-lasting epoxy installation because the moisture in your concrete prevents the epoxy from adhering properly. If your concrete has a high moisture vapor transmission rate, the epoxy can delaminate after it’s installed. We can help you determine a cost-effective and reliable solution to moisture problems. With minor moisture issues, for example, a specific type of primer can work as a moisture barrier.