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Few flooring systems are up to the challenges of a factory setting. Your factory floor may face intense heat, caustic chemicals, oils, forklift traffic, and heavy loads on a daily basis. An untreated concrete floor won’t last in a factory without deteriorating and cracking and porous concrete is nearly impossible to maintain. Our factory epoxy flooring solutions give your factory a seamless, safe, and low-maintenance floor that supports a productive work environment while holding up against even the harshest conditions.
We specialize in customized factory epoxy flooring in Austin, TX designed to meet your facility’s unique needs. We can even work around your schedule to install an epoxy floor system in a single day or staged over several days.
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Industrial Epoxy Flooring Austin

What Is Industrial Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is applied to your concrete as a liquid but it isn’t paint; it’s a combination of high-quality resins and hardeners. Once applied, epoxy resin reacts chemically and cures into an incredibly durable plastic coating that bonds to the concrete. To ensure a long-lasting floor system, our factory epoxy floor installers start by preparing your concrete substrate with repairs and diamond grinding that profiles the concrete and opens pores.
A cured industrial epoxy floor coating works as a protective barrier to protect your concrete substrate from damage while resisting even the harshest conditions. Thanks to its durability and longevity, industrial epoxy in Austin, TX is frequently used in high-demand settings like factories, hospitals, and manufacturing plants.
Benefits of a Factory Epoxy Floor
You have many options when choosing the right factory flooring system. Factory epoxy flooring in Austin, TX has a lot to offer and far exceeds the longevity and durability of most other floor systems. Industrial epoxy flooring costs around $5 to $10 per square foot to install and can provide 10 years or more of good performance for the ultimate return on investment.
Here’s why factory facility managers choose to invest in factory epoxy floor coatings.
  • Resists damage from caustic chemicals
  • Bonds with your existing concrete floor
  • Withstands extreme cold and heat
  • Reduces slip and fall accidents
  • Easy to clean and sanitize, even with pressure washing
  • Customizable appearance with safety striping
  • Withstands heavy loads and forklift traffic

Promotes a Safe and Productive Work Environment

Safety is a big concern for any factory setting. A factory epoxy floor in Austin, TX helps you reduce workplace injuries by brightening your work environment and providing a non-slip surface. Factory epoxy flooring instantly brightens the floor of your factory by up to 400% to improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.
It also creates a safe, non-slip surface that reduces slip and fall accidents. We can even add skid-resistant additives to the topcoat of your epoxy to make your floor safer even in the face of spilled powder and liquids.
Industrial Epoxy Flooring Austin TX
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Factory epoxy flooring in Austin, TX is almost impervious to stains and very easy to maintain. It can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals and even pressure washing without delaminating, chipping, cracking, or deteriorating. The epoxy coating also isolates spills and chemicals so they can be cleaned up easily.
The floor itself is waterproof which makes it the ideal floor system for areas in which moisture is a concern. A factory floor coating can last years with minimal care.

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Protects Your Concrete Floor

A concrete floor will quickly deteriorate in a factory setting due to intense temperatures, heavy loads, forklift traffic, and spilled chemicals.
An industrial epoxy floor serves as a protective coating to protect your concrete from damage. Epoxy protects the concrete from acid, chemicals, and heavy loads and prevents spills from penetrating, staining, and damaging porous concrete.
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Austin
Industrial Epoxy

Withstands Heavy Abuse

Industrial epoxy flooring in Austin doesn’t just protect your concrete floor; it also makes it stronger. A factory epoxy floor increases the weight capacity of your concrete and helps prevent cracks and damage.
Industrial epoxy flooring can even withstand chemicals, extreme chemicals, and heavy loads without breaking down. Caustic chemicals, abrasives, alkalis, heavy machinery, and vehicle traffic are no threat to industrial grade epoxy.

Specialized Properties

We can help you choose the right industrial epoxy floor coating in Austin to meet the unique needs of your facility. Industrial epoxy flooring is highly customizable in terms of colors, texture, and properties. Some facilities benefit from an epoxy formulation with a high impact rating while others need epoxy flooring with static dissipation to protect sensitive electronics.
If your facility cannot afford an expensive shutdown, we can even use a special fast cure factory epoxy flooring to give you a new floor that’s ready for use same-day.
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Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

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