How durable are epoxy flooring systems?
When it comes to the durability of an epoxy flooring system, they are one of the most if not the most durable flooring options that are able to be installed in both residential and commercial facilities on the market. With an epoxy flooring system, your concrete slab will be able to withstand the adverse effects of both heavy foot and vehicle traffic, the impact from heavy objects, and even the use of heavy machinery is permitted on an epoxy flooring system. As a matter of fact, epoxy flooring is used so often in many commercial and industrial facilities as it is rated to withstand 3500 psi so it can hold its own in almost any situation that epoxy flooring can be placed in. Epoxy flooring has even been tested and proved to make any concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last an average of 2-3 times longer than a bare concrete slab. This is because what epoxy is made of and how well the epoxy bonds to the concrete slab during installation. The super hard plastic like material forms super tight bonds with the concrete slab so it won’t falter when heavy objects are placed on the epoxy flooring system. If you need strength in your flooring, look no further than an epoxy flooring system.
Why is epoxy flooring the perfect solution for any floor?
When clients contact us with the question of ” is epoxy flooring right for…” we always tell them the same thing. Epoxy flooring is able to be placed anywhere you have concrete or anywhere that concrete can be placed. But is it the best option for all areas? While most people can find maybe one or two reasons why not to use epoxy flooring in an area, the scientists behind the creation of the epoxy flooring system have perfected the solution to make epoxy flooring perfect for all areas. For example, let’s take a look in the garage. Epoxy flooring is able to transform the garage in both appearance and performance. With its almost unlimited options for design and ability to withstand heavy amounts of abuse, epoxy flooring is a shoe in for the garage. But what if you want it in the house? Don’t worry, epoxy flooring has benefits that can rival even the best flooring options in the home with ease. The easy maintenance, resistance to abrasions, and again the unlimited level of customization can make sure that your flooring will never work against you but for you. No matter where you decide to put your epoxy flooring, it is our promise that it will never disappoint.
What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?
When most people are making the decision to make the switch to anything they will always ask what the object can do for them and this process is no different for flooring. Well, there is one main difference when comparing epoxy flooring to other traditional types of flooring and that is the fact that epoxy flooring doesn’t disappoint in the benefits category. Epoxy flooring has benefits that can even make the most stubborn or any perfectionist turn their frown into a smile. We have outlined only a few of epoxy floorings amazing benefits down below:
Durability Epoxy flooring is one of the strongest floorings that you can find on the market, so strong that it can make the concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger than a bare concrete slab.
Appearance Epoxy flooring has almost endless options when it comes to design. There are various base colors, the option to add flakes or metallic pigments and there is an option to even have emblems placed directly into the flooring.
Chemical Resistance Epoxy flooring is one of the few floorings that are able to resist chemicals and it does so thanks to its top coat. The top coat is a solid poly coat that will isolate all chemicals and moisture on the top of the flooring for easy removal and disposal.
What can I do to prepare for your arrival?
One of the best benefits of the epoxy flooring system is that we basically do all of the heavy lifting, not literally. All that you should expect to do before we arrive to begin the job is to remove all items of value out of the area that we are working in. We ask that all items being stored, beds, vehicles, washers and driers, and all furniture be out of our way and off of the floor before we arrive so the process of preparation and installation are streamlined so we can get out of your home or business ASAP. As far as what else to expect is simply if you have any recommendations or design factors that you wish to add to your epoxy flooring system we plead that you bring these implications to the epoxy flooring to us ASAP. If you wait till the last second to tell us of any new designs or colors, we may not have the correct materials to get your job done the way you want which will stall our collaboration. As for after we are gone, please wait at least 24 hours to walk on the epoxy and at least 72 hours before any vehicles or heavy objects are placed on the epoxy.
How do I clean my new epoxy flooring?
So, you have finally made the switch to an epoxy flooring system, well let us be the first to congratulate you on your amazing new flooring! If you have questions regarding the maintenance of your new epoxy floor, you’ve come to the right place. Let us begin by saying that you should refrain from any major cleaning on the eopxy flooring before the epoxy floor has fully cured. Before 72 hours has passed only remove all big debris that makes its way onto the floor as sweeping or mopping the floor can lead to the flooring needing to be recoated. If 72 hours have passed you can let out a sigh of relief as the maintenance of epoxy flooring is going to be a breeze!
All you will need to get the job done is simply a soft bristle broom or a dust mop to remove all loose debris such as dirt or other foreign particles that find themselves on the floor. Don’t use stiff bristle broom as it can leave scratches in the epoxy and they aren’t as efficient as soft bristle brooms. After you sweep the floor the final step is using a standard wet mop to clean the floor. Make sure not to overwork an area when mopping as it can make the top coat dull and appear cloudy. And just like that you are on the way to a beautiful, durable and long lasting flooring.