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Our concrete coatings in Austin, Texas are a multi-purpose solution to banish utilitarian, ugly, and dusty concrete for good. We offer a broad range of high-performance concrete floor coatings that turn concrete into attractive yet functional flooring that can withstand a range of hazards like extreme temperatures, vehicle traffic, spills, oil, and harsh chemicals. Without a concrete coating treatment, concrete itself is very porous and can be stained and damaged over time.
With our decorative concrete coatings, your concrete will benefit from a wear-resistant layer of epoxy that protects the concrete from even constant wear and tear. These protective coatings also improve slip resistance, transform drab concrete slabs, and simplify maintenance with a seamless and easy-to-clean surface.
We proudly serve facility managers and homeowners with economical yet hardworking concrete coating service for all applications, including exterior and interior concrete.

Garage Concrete Floor Coatings

Want to transform your boring, dusty garage into a beautiful showroom? Our concrete floor coatings are a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to achieve a resilient, attractive, and low maintenance garage floor. Homeowners appreciate that our concrete coatings can resist damage from moisture, dropped tools, gasoline, oil, and more — perfect for your own private workshop or working on your car.
Garage concrete floor coatings in Austin, Texas can last 20 years or longer with very little care. To keep your garage pristine, simply sweep and mop as needed. We make it easy to customize your new garage floor with a range of colors, patterns, and even fun effects like metallic epoxy. As an added bonus, garage concrete coatings can increase the value of your home.
Basement Concrete Coatings
Do you have a cold, damp, dusty basement that’s hardly good enough for storage? Our concrete coatings in Austin can transform your damp, dungeon-like basement into inviting, dry, livable space.
Concrete coatings can put a stop to moisture penetrating your concrete slab floor and walls. Our decorative concrete coatings can also give you beautiful, water- and stain-resistant basement flooring with limitless colors, designs, and effects.
If you’re considering basement waterproofing or want to renovate your outdated or unfinished basement, contact us to learn more about our basement concrete epoxy coating service.
Our interior concrete floor coatings offer many benefits to transform your basement:
  • Stop concrete dusting for good
  • Easy to maintain flooring that resists stains and damage
  • Increases floor brightness by up to 300%. This makes your basement brighter and warmer.
  • Stops musty odors coming from the concrete
  • Helps stop dampness and mildew problems
  • Attractive flooring system that can be customized to your style

Walkway and Patio Concrete Coatings

Are you living with once-pristine concrete patios and walkways that are now cracked, stained, and discolored? When your walkways and exterior concrete becomes an eyesore — or you’re interested in a more decorative appearance — we can help. Decorative concrete coatings in Austin, Texas are an economical way to completely update your outdoor living spaces. We can achieve a sleek, professional look with simple gray concrete coatings that form a durable, stain-resistant coating. For something more decorative, we can even achieve the look of slate, pavers, or tile on your exterior concrete that protects the surface from damage.
Our exterior concrete floor coatings don’t just protect your concrete from damage; they also look beautiful and create a long-lasting slip-resistant surface for your home or business.
Walkway and Patio Concrete Coatings
Concrete Driveway Coatings

Concrete Driveway Coatings

Your driveway is a major investment and a large component of your property’s curb appeal. If your concrete driveway is showing its age, or you are interested in a protective concrete coating to maximize the lifespan of your driveway, we can help with resilient exterior concrete floor coatings.
Our durable and attractive concrete coatings in Austin transform your ugly and outdated driveway with a beautiful and protective coating. This concrete coating resists stains and damage from oil, gas, rain, temperature changes, and hot tires to boost the curb appeal of your home or business.

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

Our concrete coatings aren’t just for residential use; we offer high-quality concrete coating service for commercial and industrial clients. High-performance industrial concrete floor coatings are seamless and easy to maintain with no need for waxing or polishing. These durable concrete coatings protect your concrete floor from even harsh conditions, heavy loads, harsh and corrosive chemicals, and spills. We install our specialty concrete floor coatings in all types of industries in Austin such as shopping centers, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more.
Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

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We have developed a range of versatile concrete coatings to protect exterior and interior concrete and take your floors from cold and dusty to clean and beautiful. We serve homeowners, business owners, and facility managers in the Austin area with high-quality concrete coating service. Here are a few questions we frequently hear from clients. If you have any additional questions about concrete coatings, please give us a call!
How long will Austin concrete coatings last?
The lifespan of your concrete coating depends on factors like epoxy quality, the quality of the installation, preparation of the concrete, whether the concrete is indoors or outdoors, and the wear and tear to the epoxy coating. As a general rule, our concrete epoxy coatings last for 10 years or longer, even in demanding commercial settings. Many concrete floor epoxy coatings even last 20+ years, especially coatings subjected to minimal wear and UV exposure. When your coating does eventually wear down, we can refinish your concrete floor easily with a new coating.
How long has your company installed concrete floor coatings?
We have been installing concrete coatings in Austin, Texas for years. Our licensed contractors have decades of combined experience installing and maintaining all formulations of residential and industrial concrete floor coatings. Whether you want to update the look of your concrete patio, protect your basement floor, or invest in quality flooring for your business, you can count on us for superior results that last.
Can you provide a free estimate for concrete coatings?
Yes, we are happy to provide a free estimate for any concrete coating service in Austin. Please call us to conduct a free assessment of your concrete. After calculating square footage, determining how much prep work is necessary, and choosing the best type of concrete coating, we will provide a free written estimate.