Austin Epoxy Floor Coatings Industrial-Grade


Whether we are installing an epoxy garage floor coating or an industrial floor coating, we deliver superior customer service and only the best epoxy products formulated for longevity and durability. We make it easy to customize your epoxy coating based on your design, safety, and performance needs with a dedication to delivering epoxy products that exceed your expectations.
Epoxy Dining And Living Room

What Are Concrete Epoxy Coatings?

While it’s applied as a liquid like paint, an epoxy coating is actually an incredibly resilient floor system made from a combination of hardener and resin. As these compounds mix, they react chemically to form a rigid plastic material that bonds with the concrete substrate and withstands even heavy abuse for years. Epoxy floor coatings in Austin, TX are the commonly used in demanding industrial and commercial applications but they can be decorative enough for use in homes and garages.
What to Know
About an Epoxy Floor Coating
You have never had more options when it comes to flooring for a commercial property, industrial facility, or home garage. With so many options on the market today, how do you know which is right for you? Here’s what an epoxy floor coating has to offer and why it’s a perfect fit for so many applications.