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We understand the unique needs of commercial properties when it comes to flooring. You need floors that are safe, clean, and slip resistant but they must also be attractive and long-lasting. Of course, it’s also important to choose a flooring system with a low lifecycle cost and minimal maintenance requirements to keep your costs down.
While other flooring systems may disappoint, you can count on our commercial epoxy flooring in Austin, Texas to withstand even harsh commercial environments. Our industrial-grade epoxy flooring comes in many formulations for all types of industries in Austin, including hospitals, auto shops, warehouses, and shopping centers. No matter what you need in commercial flooring, we can help you choose the right commercial epoxy floor coating in Austin to meet and exceed your needs.


No matter your industry, commercial epoxy flooring in Austin, Texas offers a low lifecycle cost, safety, and a high-performance solution. We have developed specialized commercial epoxy formulations to meet the unique demands of all types of industries in Austin ranging from food service and manufacturing to medical facilities and schools.
Here are some common industries we serve. If your industry isn’t listed, give us a call to learn more about specialized commercial epoxy resin solutions we have for your business.


Commercial epoxy flooring is the top choice for all types of healthcare facilities because it’s seamless, does not harbor pathogens and dirt, withstands harsh chemicals, and resists wear and tear. We install commercial epoxy floor coatings in hospitals, operating rooms, restrooms, patient rooms, physicians’ offices, dental offices, and more.


Schools, colleges, daycares, and libraries appreciate commercial epoxy for its attractive appearance, high-performance finish, anti-slip surface, and low maintenance requirements. Our commercial epoxy resin is ideal for school restrooms, locker rooms, corridors, lobbies, weight rooms, classrooms, and cafeterias.

Food service

We understand the strict flooring requirements for any restaurant. You need flooring that looks great yet remains sanitary and slip-resistant despite rolling carts, spills, harsh cleaning products, and constant foot traffic. Our seamless commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Austin can be installed in all areas of a restaurant for flooring that’s as hardworking as you.

Animal care

Because commercial epoxy flooring resists abrasion and damage from chemicals and pet accidents, it’s the ideal flooring solution for kennels, vet exam rooms, and dog boarding facilities.
Other industries we serve include manufacturing, laboratories, airplane hangars, correctional facilities, firehouse stations, auto shops, and much more.

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Do you have questions about commercial concrete epoxy coating in Austin? We are just a phone call away. Here are some of the most common questions we hear from our clients. If you have additional questions, please get in touch.
How durable is commercial epoxy resin?
Few flooring systems can rival the durability and longevity of commercial epoxy flooring in Austin, Texas. Epoxy resin is stronger than your concrete floor and offers protection against abrasion, moisture, foot and vehicle traffic, heavy loads, chemicals, and more. A commercial epoxy system can protect your floor and provide a safe flooring solution for 10-20 years or more.
How will my concrete floor be prepped before an epoxy system is applied?
Depending on the condition of your concrete, floor preparation may include repairing cracks and damage and removing a previous concrete coating from your floor. We may also lift certain stains from your concrete that can interfere with the bonding process. Diamond grinding is an important part of surface preparation that opens pores in the concrete for a superior bond.
Can you tell me about the benefits of commercial epoxy flooring?
A commercial concrete epoxy coating offers dozens of unique advantages. Some of the most important benefits that may be relevant in your industry include:
  • Withstands heavy loads and vehicular traffic
  • Brightens the floor by up to 300% to help reduce lighting costs
  • Almost no maintenance necessary
  • Easy to clean with a sanitary surface
  • Seamless surface has no joints or cracks to harbor dirt and pathogens
  • Resists most types of damage from gas, oil, corrosive chemicals, harsh cleaning products, moisture, abrasion, foot traffic, and more.
  • Very low lifecycle cost
  • Epoxy can be customized with many options in terms of colors, patterns, and effects