Finding the right floor system for your home or business can be difficult. You want the right combination of cost, performance, and appearance but finding all three in the same product can seem impossible. Epoxy flooring is a unique option that is gaining traction thanks to improving awareness among consumers. Unlike most floor products, it can be used in residential and commercial settings with a lifespan of up to 25 years, a highly decorative and custom appearance, and an affordable upfront cost.
Here’s why an epoxy floor coating is worth considering for your home or business.

Safety is an important concern when choosing a floor system, especially in a commercial or industrial property. Epoxy has a non-slip texture that can be improved with skid-resistant additives to reduce workplace slip and fall accidents, even when the floor is wet or dirty. Its bright, reflective surface brightens the floor by up to 300% for improved visibility and safety markings can be added in industrial settings to designate paths. It can even withstand fire and extreme temperatures.

Protects the Concrete
An epoxy coating isn’t just about looking great; it’s also a protective coating that stops oils, chemicals, moisture, and more from seeping into and staining the concrete. This can prevent premature wear and tear to concrete floors. Because epoxy bonds with the concrete and increases its tensile and compressive strength, it also increases the weight capacity of the concrete floor to avoid damage from heavy loads.

Durability and Longevity
Epoxy floors are hard to beat in terms of durability, strength, and longevity. Epoxy withstands all types of abuse, including gas and oil spills in a garage, hot tires, wet conditions, extreme temperatures, chemical spills, abrasion, impact, and much more. Garage floor epoxy can last 20 years or longer while industrial epoxy in a hardworking environment can last up to 10 years.

Epoxy flooring can be used almost anywhere and deliver the same high-performance system. Residential customers appreciate garage floor epoxy to update a dark, dusty garage into a clean and usable space. Basement epoxy flooring creates a waterproof floor that brightens a dark garage and banishes dust and moisture concerns. Industrial epoxy is also strong enough for even the most demanding environments like food processing plants, factories, warehouses, medical facilities, and institutional buildings.

Nearly any look you can imagine can be achieved with professional epoxy flooring. Skilled epoxy contractors can install everything from solid colors and popular patterns like checkerboard to beautiful epoxy flake flooring and stunning metallic epoxy floors that add depth and movement thanks a beautiful 3D effect. Epoxy comes in virtually every color imaginable and these colors can be mixed and matched or combined with colored or metallic flakes for a one-of-a-kind floor system.

Unique Industrial Benefits
When installed in an industrial or commercial setting, epoxy can provide even further benefits, especially when compared to unfinished concrete floors:

  • Smooth surface prevents wear and tear to forklifts and tires caused by cracks and seams
  • Industrial formulations can withstand even corrosive chemicals
  • Specialty formulations offer unique benefits like static dissipation
  • Striping and markings can be added to designate forklift and pedestrian paths and safety warnings
  • Rapid-cure formulations can give you a new floor with very minimal downtime