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Have you considered the real potential of your garage? It may be a dark, dusty space now that’s used for little more than storage but the right floor system can give your garage an amazing facelift. Garage floor epoxy is a cost-effective solution that stops concrete dusting and delivers a hard-working surface that resists stains and damage for years. Our garage floor epoxy contractors in Austin install only high-grade garage epoxy coatings to give your garage the attention it deserves.
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What Is Garage Floor Epoxy?

Garage floor epoxy in Austin, TX isn’t paint. It’s a two-part system made of an epoxy resin and a hardener. A garage epoxy coating doesn’t just dry on your floor; it cures into an ultra-hard plastic coating that’s bonded to the concrete substrate. Epoxy flooring makes your garage floor harder with a higher compressive strength than concrete. It’s also nonporous and seamless to resist stains and prevent liquids from permeating the concrete.
Why Invest in an Epoxy Garage
Floor Coating?
Garage floor epoxy in Austin, TX has a lot to offer. Here’s why so many homeowners are turning to garage floor epoxy contractors to renovate their garages.

Hard-Working Flooring for Your Garage

Our garage floor epoxy is developed to withstand even the harshest conditions. It’s built strong enough for commercial settings and can withstand years of abuse in your garage. From road salt and dropped tools to hot tires, water, and car fluids, garage floor epoxy in Austin, TX offers a hard-working surface that keeps your garage bright and attractive for years to come.
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Experienced Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors

Don’t trust your garage floor to just anyone. There are many fly-by-night epoxy contractors in Texas who make big promises and can’t deliver. With garage floor epoxy growing in popularity, there has been a rise in epoxy garage floor installers who use sub-par epoxy products and cut corners during installation. This can lead to inferior results that won’t last.
You can count on our epoxy garage floor installers for superior results. We install garage floor epoxy that looks as great as it performs and can last 10+ years. Our contractors have decades of combined experience working with commercial-grade epoxy systems with attention to detail. We take the time to repair your concrete substrate to ensure the surface is free of spalling, cracks, and other problems that can spell disaster for an epoxy installation. We also prepare the surface with shot blasting or diamond grinding that ensures a smooth coating and strong bond. After applying a high-quality primer, we use only high-grade epoxy coatings in Austin, Texas for beautiful results that we stand behind.

Get Any Look You Want

Our epoxy garage floor installers make it easy to get the look you want with Austin epoxy floors. We use the best garage floor epoxy coatings that are available in every color imaginable. Whether you want a single high-gloss color for an auto showroom look, the subtle yet bright look of flake epoxy, or something truly show-stopping like a pearlescent metallic epoxy garage floor, we can make it happen.
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Custom Garage Workshop

One of the most popular applications for garage floor epoxy in Austin is transforming a dark and dull garage into a bright, clean work space. Garage epoxy brightens your garage and creates a seamless floor that’s easy to clean. Turn your garage into your own personal workshop for wordworking, auto repairs, and other hobbies.

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