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You may not think your garage has much potential as anything beyond a dusty, dark place to park your car and store lawn tools. The truth is the biggest barrier to transforming your garage into more useable space is the floor. An untreated concrete slab will always give off concrete dust and develop cracks and other problems that make it easier to accumulate dust and dirt. Regular concrete will also become stained with gasoline, oil, and more over time. An epoxy garage floor coating in Austin is the solution to stop these issues and deliver a seamless, bright, and low-care floor system that can take your garage to the next level. Here’s everything you need to know about an Austin epoxy system.
Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

An Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Isn’t Paint

A common misconception about garage epoxy in Austin is that it’s little more than very pretty and shiny paint. The first thing you should know about garage epoxy is it definitely isn’t paint. An epoxy garage floor coating is made from two components: a resin and a hardener. Most garage epoxy coatings are one part water- or oil-based but premium and industrial-grade epoxy flooring in Austin, TX have higher amounts of epoxy resin. The best garage floor epoxy coating is 100% solids. Epoxy flooring doesn’t dry; it cures in place and bonds with your concrete floor to make it nonporous and tough with a higher compressive strength.
Benefits of Garage Epoxy
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An epoxy garage floor coating stops concrete dusting and gives your garage a brand-new look. It’s the ultimate in heavy-duty flooring that performs well for up to 10-20 years with minimal care. Here’s why you’ll love your new epoxy garage floor in Austin.

Garage Epoxy Is Built Tough

Our epoxy garage floor coating systems are designed to withstand all of the hazards your garage faces from hot tire pick up, dropped tools, and gas and oil spills to road salt, water, and dirt. An epoxy floor coating in Austin, TX delivers the best of both worlds: industrial-grade performance with a beautiful decorative look suitable for a home.
Garage Epoxy Coating
Epoxy Garage Floor Installers Austin

Skilled Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

Not all garage floor epoxy contractors are equal. Unlike some companies that cut corners or use inferior epoxy products that are bound to fail, we use only high-quality epoxy garage floor coatings in Austin, TX to deliver long-lasting results with superior performance. We also put time into careful preparation of your concrete substrate to ensure the epoxy coating bonds with the concrete to prevent delamination and other problems.
Our process starts with careful repairs of any damage to your concrete like spalling and cracks. We will then prepare the surface with diamond grinding or shot blasting. This accomplishes several things: it opens the pores of the concrete, removes surface irregularities, and profiles the surface for a strong bond. Next, we apply a quality primer to seal the concrete, add thickness to the garage epoxy coating, and improve bonding. Finally, you have your choice of epoxy coatings in Austin, Texas to finish the job. We can achieve any look you want from solid colors, custom patterns, flake epoxy, and metallic epoxy for a one-of-a-kind garage that yells, “look at me!”

A Rainbow of Color Options

Garage floor epoxy is available in every color of the rainbow. You can choose a single color, get a multi-color effective with flake epoxy flooring, achieve a pearlescent and 3D effect with a metallic epoxy garage floor. When choosing a base color for garage epoxy, you may want to make a practical choice. Stark white and black colors tend to show the most grime and debris. If you plan to work in your garage a lot, a neutral beige or gray tone or flake epoxy will mask dirt.
Best Garage Floor Epoxy Coating
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Clear Space for Your Hobbies

Do you enjoy woodworking, working on your car, or other hobbies that require some space? An epoxy garage floor coating is the perfect solution to transform your garage into a private workshop. The garage epoxy is easy to sweep, vacuum, or mop when the work is done.

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