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Epoxy flooring in Austin, TX is a cost-effective and low-care flooring system that’s hardworking enough for industrial settings yet attractive enough for any home. Our epoxy contractors in Austin, Texas offer customized solutions to give your garage or living space a fresh new update with long-lasting epoxy floors.
Epoxy is the ultimate pet-friendly floor system that can make your home feel open, clean, and inviting. It’s also highly customizable whether you want a solid color, a pattern, multi-colored flecks, or a vibrant metallic epoxy effect.

Debunking Common Epoxy Flooring Myths

Don’t let yourself be turned away from Austin epoxy floors due to common myths about epoxy floor systems. Here are some of the most common myths and the truth about what epoxy flooring in Austin, TX has to offer.

Epoxy flooring is expensive

An epoxy floor coating in Austin, TX is one of the most durable and long-lasting floor systems you can choose but it’s also one of the most affordable. Epoxy flooring can cost as little as $5 per square foot and it transforms your existing concrete into a finished floor system. Because it can last 10-20 years, it also offers a low lifecycle cost, especially when compared with alternatives like carpet and laminate that cost more to install and wear out sooner.

Epoxy will need to be replaced too often

While improperly installed epoxy flooring probably won’t last more than a couple of years, professionally installed epoxy floors can easily last 10-20 years or longer. This myth continues because so many people work with inexperienced epoxy contractors or try to install their own epoxy flooring, ending up with inferior products without proper concrete preparation. The trick to long-lasting epoxy is choosing high-quality epoxy resin and opting for professional installation. Long-lasting epoxy flooring requires more than slapping on a coat of epoxy: the concrete itself must be carefully prepared for proper adhesion that can last a decade or more. DIY epoxy kits are sometimes little more than paint with a small percentage of epoxy that isn’t designed to last long.

Epoxy floors are really just paint

This is a common myth but far from the truth. Austin epoxy floors are created with an epoxy resin mixed with hardeners that actually cure to form a super-resilient plastic that’s seamless and highly resistant to damage. Paint won’t even survive a single year in a garage without tire marks, scrapes, peeling, scuffs, and more. Epoxy can easily last years while resisting damage from tires, dropped objects, chemical exposure, automotive fluids, and much more. Once it cures, epoxy is even stronger than concrete and increases the weight load of your concrete floor.

Epoxy flooring is slippery

Epoxy flooring in Austin, TX actually offers good slip-resistance when it’s dry and clean, much like a basketball court. Of course, like natural stone, it can become slippery when wet. To overcome this, we can add skid-resistant additives to the topcoat of your epoxy to make it even safer and more slip-resistant even when it’s wet.

Epoxy floors look cold and sterile

You are probably familiar with epoxy flooring used in medical facilities, restaurant kitchens, and stores but don’t assume that all epoxy looks alike. Commercial facilities usually use a basic multi-colored fleck epoxy but there are limitless options for achieving the look you want. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Austin, TX can customize your floor with your choice of colors and effects. We can even install metallic epoxy flooring that looks like still water, lightning, and more with metallic pigments and techniques like solvents, brushing, and blowing before the epoxy sets.

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Popular Applications for Epoxy Flooring in Austin, TX

Epoxy coatings are a versatile solution that can be used almost anywhere from hospitals, hotels, and retail stores to homes. One of the most popular options is garage epoxy in Austin which can deliver a bright, clean garage free of dust. A garage floor coating in Austin, TX can give you a showroom garage that resists damage from road salt, automotive fluids, dropped tools, tires, and moisture. As garage epoxy gains popularity throughout Texas thanks to better consumer awareness, an epoxy garage floor can even boost your home’s value while giving you a garage you aren’t embarrassed for guests to see.
Epoxy flooring in Austin, TX can also be used anywhere in your home to deliver a seamless, attractive floor that’s easy to maintain. Homeowners can appreciate epoxy in the laundry room, kitchen, or living room thanks to its high-performance surface that resists scratches, moisture damage, impact damage and more.