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Floors, floors, floors! Here at epoxy Austin, Texas, we know floors and how important it is to have a strong and durable foundation in any home or business. Our team is a group of licensed and highly skilled professionals who are ready to help you turn your dull and boring floors into exciting and modern works of art. With the right eye to help you design your floors, you can increase profit, increase productivity, and increase happiness in any property you install our materials in. Our team offers:
  • Garage Epoxy
  • Basement Epoxy
  • Industrial Epoxy
  • Commercial Epoxy
  • Metallic Epoxy
  • Concrete Resurfacing
  • Pool Deck Resurfacing
  • Wood Concrete
  • Concrete Polishing
Epoxy Flooringn Austin

What is epoxy and how does it work?

An epoxy coating is a mixture of resin and hardeners that is poured onto a porous surface, concrete surface. The concrete surface prior to laying out the epoxy mixture must be cleaned of all previous coatings or paints and should be repaired so it is free of cracks, stains, or abrasions that would limit the proper curing between the epoxy mixture and your concrete surface. There are certain tests and procedures that need to be followed to ensure a successful installation takes place. Many industrial and commercial sites made epoxy flooring popular but in recent years epoxy has become the hottest trend for residential properties: basements, garages, kitchens, and living spaces.
How does
Our Epoxy FlooringProcess Work?
As professionals in the Austin, Texas area we like to come out to your property to properly inspect the perimeter. Once you call our team, we will schedule you to be seen by one of our highly qualified technicians. We offer a free no obligation quote for our services and we want you to know that we value your interest in our company. Simply, give us a call to get started with the process for you:
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Patio
  • Pool deck
  • Driveway
  • Walkway
  • Commercial property
  • Industrial property

Professionally Polished Concrete

A polished concrete floor lasts for a minimum of 20-years and does not chip, dent, scratch, or peel like other floor coatings or solutions. With costs ranging between $3-$12 per square foot, it is easy to see why polished concrete floors are climbing the popularity chain in homes and businesses. When choosing between polished concrete and another flooring system, it is important to ask yourself:
  • What will my floors be exposed too?
  • What is my budget?
  • Are there chemicals involved?
  • How long do I have for installation?
polished concrete
Rustic Wood Flooring

Rustic Wood Flooring

Authentic wood floors are unquestionably beautiful, and they provide a look of elegance no other flooring solution can ever match; however, real wood floors are not as easy as they appear to be. Wood flooring requires extensive care and maintenance that begins to add up beyond their initial installation fee. Concrete wood is a much more economical and durable option for those seeking the look and feel of wood but wanting to opt out of the cons. Concrete wood:
  • Is extremely durable and long lasting
  • Does not require special cleaners or waxes
  • Is pet-friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • Scratch and impact-resistant
  • Chemical and fatigue-resistant
  • Available for indoor/outdoor installation

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Resurfacing a pool deck instead of ripping out the entire concrete slab is a much better way to handle budgeting for your pool deck seeing as pricing is about $2- $8 depending on the complexity of the work you desire. Resurfacing a pool deck restores its youthful resistance to the natural elements and the chemical damages that come with being outdoors and constantly exposed to the pool water. If you’re looking for an easy way to rejuvenate your pool deck and increase your property value pool deck resurfacing is the best way to go.
Pool Deck Resurfacing
concrete resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing

Walkways, patios, driveways, garages, basements, and more can all be resurfaced. Resurfacing concrete is the best and easiest way to save thousands of dollars. Completely replacing a slab of concrete can cost a fortune and it is unnecessary when resurfacing the concrete floor can achieve the youthful look and feel t once had. Residential, commercial, or industrial, our team here in Austin, Texas is ready to help you with any concrete need.

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