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Are you tired of regular Joe trying to come into your home and give a subpar product that will either crack out in a matter of months? Regular Joe doesn’t even have the proper license to get you top of the line materials, so what does Joe Shmo bring to the table? Absolutely nothing that you aren’t able to do yourself. This is why if you want a superior product and a long lasting finish in the area of Austin, you can trust our team of epoxy flooring contractors has the know how to give you what you want!
Epoxy Flooring Contractors Austin

Why Use Professional Epoxy Flooring Contractors?

Our team of epoxy flooring contractors in Austin Texas is able to offer a product and finish that are unheard of to the average epoxy floor installer. We have decades of combined experience in the field of epoxy flooring so you can sleep well at night knowing that your epoxy flooring was properly installed by real professionals, not just someone looking to make a couple of bucks off of you. If you want an epoxy flooring system that is able to live up to the intense expectations that epoxy flooring is now being held accountable for, you will use our team of epoxy flooring contractors!
What You Stand To Gain From Our
Epoxy Flooring Contractors!
You stand to gain some amazing benefits when you decide to use our team of epoxy flooring contractors in Austin Texas. With a professionally installed epoxy flooring system, you can have flooring that is easy to maintain and long lasting but, there is so much to love between these benefits. Below are only a few of the advantages of using our epoxy flooring contractors in Austin Texas:

How Epoxy Flooring Is Applied

The application process of epoxy flooring can vary depending on what type of epoxy flooring system is being used and how big the area is. Most epoxies are either squeegeed on or shot on with high tech machinery. Our team has decades of experience with all applications and types of epoxy so you can rest assured that your flooring is being left in good hands.
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How We Prepare Your Concrete

Our crew of epoxy flooring contractors only use the most precise and most efficient forms of preparation of the concrete slab to ensure proper bonds and finish. Heres what we do:
We start by repairing all imperfections on the concrete slab such as cracks, gouges, and all stains are lifted. Once the crack filling material has dried we move on to the next process. The next step is etching the surface of the concrete slab. While most companies use an acid wash to do this, that proves least effective. We either use a diamond wheel grinder or a shot blaster to profile the concrete. Both of these methods open all the pores of the concrete slab to ensure that the epoxy resin properly adheres to the concrete slab.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring is one of the most exclusive and modern flooring options on the market to this date. Only a small percent of epoxy contractors offer this service as training services are few and far between as they are hard to get into. Our team of epoxy flooring contractors in Austin is one of the few contractors that have been thoroughly trained in this so we are able to provide flooring that is able to mimic the effects of lava flowing, waves crashing and even the look of a cloudy day!
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How To Maintain Epoxy Flooring

While maintenance on an epoxy floor is fairly simple, our epoxy flooring contractors urge that it is extremely vital to how long the flooring will last in the long run. All you will need to complete maintenance on an epoxy flooring system is a soft bristle sweeper such as a dust mop to remove any and all dirt from the surface of the floor. After that is completed all you will need to do is mop the floor with a standard wet mop, you can even hose off epoxy flooring according to our epoxy flooring contractors!

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